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Information on registration fee

Information about Payment of Conference Fee will be communicated in due time.

  • The standard Conference Fee is €100. 
  • ESSD Board members and students (bachelor, master and PhD students) pay a reduced rate of €50. 
  • Local conference hosts are exempted from the Conference Fee. Hosts may negotiate a limited number of places for guest attendees (e.g. sponsors, dignitaries) at the conference.

Until recently, some of the ESSD's activities (especially the annual book and some aspects of the administration of the society) have been financially supported by the Pompidou Group (PG) of the Council of Europe. For various reasons, the PG can no longer offer this support. In order to ensure the sustainability of the ESSD as a society and the continuity of the annual conferences and the ESSD publications, the ESSD Board needed to take some important decisions which affect some of the principal guidelines that the Society has always cherished, including the free membership and free annual conferences.

At the end of 2018, the ESSD Board launched a short survey among its members so that these decisions could be taken in a transparent, deliberate and thoughtful way. 118 members completed the survey (i.e. 42.1% of the total of 280 members). The results were discussed at the ESSD Board meeting on 15 January 2019 in Amsterdam, resulting in the following strategic decisions:

On the basis of the survey results, the ESSD Board decided not to implement an annual membership fee for the Society. The member survey clearly showed that this type of fee was not supported by the majority of the members as the most acceptable option, and it would usually be paid by the members from their personal budget, which is not desirable. 

Instead, in order to sustain the Society and its yearly publication, all participants of the ESSD conferences are required to pay a ‘Conference Fee’. This fee covers all of the costs related to the output of the annual conference, such as publisher fees, editing costs, costs related to the editorial board meeting(s), and distribution costs. The fee is mandatory for all participants in the annual conference (regardless of whether they actually submit an abstract for and contribute to the ESSD publication). 

The Conference Fee is NOT a conference registration fee: it does not cover any aspects of the conference, such as the conference dinner, refreshments or catering during the conference, the rental costs of the conference venue, conference packs, book of abstracts, etc. Local conference organisers remain responsible for covering all costs of hosting and organising the conference.

The fee is only intended to support and ensure the output of the annual conference: printing and production costs, minimal editors' fee, and the costs for board members and editors attending the annual board meeting. 

The fee will be implemented for the first time at the 30th annual conference in Riga (26 – 28 September 2019): participants who pay the fee will receive two publications: free copies of the publications resulting from the 2018 and 2019 conferences.  At the future conferences (from 2020 onwards) participants will receive a free copy of the publication resulting from the conference they attended.